Hôtel Montalembert – Rive Gauche

Lifestyle 3 janvier 2020 0 Comments

I like architecture, decoration and design. As a former student of art history and architecture & design, I look at everything around me and get inspired by everything. I like spaces that tell a story and impose a strong style. That’s why I love the Hotel Montalembert and its history. All the spaces are well thought out. The atmosphere is very warm. The decoration is refined and very neat. The signature of the hotel is evident in every room: the entrance hall, the lounge where you can enjoy a delicious coffee or cappuccino, the rooms … The restaurant, meanwhile, asserts a very classic and elegant style. All in all, I love this hotel. As soon as you enter, you feel good. The welcome is excellent, worthy of a 5-star hotel. It is a must in Paris for lovers of the Left Bank.

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