Mes sélections pour Homme – Collection Stephen Silver

Horlogerie et Joaillerie Lifestyle Luxury 25 septembre 2020 0 Comments

Le guide des fêtes de Stephen et Jared Silver reflète les paillettes festives et la riche palette qui rendent la saison lumineuse. Un design sophistiqué et une vision curatoriale s’associent dans cette collection de haute qualité de bijoux faits maison et de montres exquises. Qu’il soit offert à des êtres chers ou choisi pour orner et rehausser les vêtements pour…

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Ma sélection HAWKERS

Fashion Lifestyle 12 septembre 2020 0 Comments

Je vous fais part de ma sélection de lunettes de soleil HAWKERS. Le temps nous permet encore de profiter du soleil et donc de porter de belles paires de lunettes. J’ai choisi Hawkers et sa nouvelle collection très stylée. Les lunettes de la marque sont vraiment des accessoires de mode ! En somme, je craque pour le style !

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Hôtel Montalembert – Rive Gauche

Lifestyle 3 janvier 2020 0 Comments

I like architecture, decoration and design. As a former student of art history and architecture & design, I look at everything around me and get inspired by everything. I like spaces that tell a story and impose a strong style. That’s why I love the Hotel Montalembert and its history. All the spaces are well thought out. The atmosphere is very warm. The decoration is refined and very neat. The signature of the hotel is evident in every room: the entrance hall, the lounge where you can enjoy a delicious coffee or cappuccino, the rooms … The restaurant, meanwhile, asserts a very classic and elegant style. All in all, I love this hotel. As soon as you enter, you feel good. The welcome is excellent, worthy of a 5-star hotel. It is a must in Paris for lovers of the Left Bank.

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DECORATION Lifestyle 3 janvier 2020 0 Comments

This table inspires me. The color matches my first name « Garance ». I like the idea, the strength that comes out of this table. I wanted to make you discover this handmade table. Each piece is unique. There are several colors of this EGG table but I am a fan of the color red. I share with you the other models which are real works of art and which gives character to a living room.

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Bienvenue – Welcome !

Lifestyle 2 janvier 2020 0 Comments

The year 2020 is off to a good start, because it will be a year of writing, of the passions that have always inspired me and of creativity! After studying art and history, I realize that writing has always been a driving force, and art an inspiration. You will therefore be able to follow my favorites and the novelties I wish to highlight in the next issues of Amilcar Magazine (sold by Export Press internationally, at Fnac, Cdiscount, Viapresse). To find out more about the magazine:

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